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Hello! Thank you for contacting Vixen Ready Art Factory LLC! We are happy to assist you with all your paint party needs! As you may know, our studio is focused on flexibility for everyone. We have a cool option for individual customers or small groups (9 guest and under) You all can walk-into the studio anytime you would like during business hours (NO APPT NEEDED). Groups with 10 or more guests, we just ask that you give us a little heads up (just so we can be sure to accommodate all of your party needs! *NEW: Kids are allowed to paint (in-studio) between open and 8pm (Mon-Thursday) Fri-Sunday from Open until 6pm! 



Adults 21 & Older are allowed to bring wine! Outside food/cakes/beverages are welcome!



We offer a group rates on WALK-INS ONLY, you must have (10 or more guests) to receive group rate!

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